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CloudDDoS Hong Kong anti-ddos server features

Nov 24, 2017

With the rapid development of the Internet, more and more Hong Kong server rental demand, and as the network is active, Hong Kong server network attacks are also frequent, Hong Kong anti-ddos server rental will be the best choice for customers.

CloudDDoS owns Hong Kong Shatin and PCCW resources to provide high-quality IDC infrastructure services worldwide, including services such as leasing of cloud servers and standalone servers, and leasing of cabinets. In addition, CloudDDoS Hong Kong Data Center Deployed DDoS protection, deployed at the same time Asia traffic cleaning center, fully defensive DDoS attacks up to 500Gbps.

CloudDDoS deploys defenses across Hong Kong's data centers. It owns Hong Kong's high protected cloud server, Hong Kong's high anti-ddos dedicated server, and Hong Kong's high defense racks. The defensive options allow users to choose their own level of defensive capabilities. At the same time, When the selected defense is not enough to defend against DDoS attacks, you can immediately upgrade DDoS defense. The upgrade takes effect in real time. This greatly improves the server's network security and ensures that your Internet business is not maliciously attacked and runs at a high speed.

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