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The advantages of CloudDDoS US 1Gbps port server

Nov 28, 2017

With the growing demand for large bandwidth servers in the United States, CloudDDoS has three data centers in the United States in Los Angeles and San Jose, and we analyze its advantages.

1, Rich bandwidth resources

CloudDDoS large bandwidth server in the United States provides multi-bandwidth options such as 1Gbps and 10Gbps. The total output bandwidth of the three major data centers in the United States exceeds 100Gbps, and has sufficient bandwidth resources without limiting the traffic.

2, Customized service

CloudDDoS US data center can provide customized large-bandwidth server services according to the needs of users, including the establishment of intranet and customized application solutions, including applications requiring large bandwidth such as video IPTV, live broadcast and games. For more information on the large bandwidth server contact customer service manager can understand that a variety of configurations of the server to choose from.

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