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United States large bandwidth server rental considerations

Nov 28, 2017

Large-bandwidth server rental in the United States is gradually favored by enterprises. Relatively speaking, renting a server saves more time and effort than hosting a server. When renting a large-bandwidth server, you need to pay attention to the following items.

Large bandwidth server rental applications are generally used in large-flow applications, such as games, video, live and other large Internet projects, so in the rental server must not be taken lightly, or later to deal with failure and then consider the service provider will be a huge loss. Second, understand the background and strength of IDC service providers, mainly from the data center level, the data center bandwidth resources, after-sales service level and other aspects of a detailed understanding and inspection.

Finally, the details of the server lease, such as with the development of applications, increasing demand for bandwidth, the server can support the bandwidth upgrade at any time, the maximum upgradeable bandwidth is. Whether it can provide 24/7 technical support, post-technical support services to provide what after-sales service.

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