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CloudDDoS US dedicated server vs US cloud server

Dec 11, 2017

When it comes to the US dedicated server, we are all very familiar with it. However, as a result of the newly listed high-tech products in the United States, the US cloud server can in fact be a development product of the US dedicated server. As the Internet market develops and becomes mature, the United States Cloud server has been used to a variety of industry applications.

US dedicated server market is very early, has been used for a long time, has been favored by users may be more cost-effective dedicated server in the United States, relative to the domestic server resources, the United States server configuration high bandwidth, IP number, cheap and many other advantages set in one.

The birth of the US cloud server is not long, but the speed of being accepted by users is still very fast. Many Internet applications have moved onto the cloud. The advantages of high reliability, high availability and high security of cloud servers are unparalleled by dedicated servers. Although the cloud server has been widely used, but still can not shake the market position of the dedicated server in the United States, some high-performance applications still need a separate server to support.

CloudDDoS's US dedicated server and the US cloud server are the same in functionality and features as the market. However, they are more concerned about the security of the server than the market. CloudDDoS's US server has a 500G + Active Protection DDoS system deployed by the user. At any time to upgrade the level of protection from 10-500Gbps.

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