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CloudDDoS Hong Kong server changes and constants

Dec 11, 2017

CloudDDoS leased from Hong Kong servers, anti-DDoS Hong Kong server, Hong Kong data center one-stop resource services development process, in fact, the market demand direction, but also CloudDDoS with the customer's growth process. Looking at the IDC market, talk about CloudDDoS Hong Kong's server changes and constants.


The so-called change is the innovation of products and services. CloudDDoS Hong Kong Data Center Network BGP docking China Telecom, PCCW and other world's top operators, controllable network routing, providing quality network services, is the basis for the stability of Hong Kong's server network. From the traditional dedicated server hosting, the development of the Hong Kong cloud server, Hong Kong 32IP SEO server, defense against more than 500G DDoS Hong Kong's high anti-ddos server and other diversified products to meet the Internet development requirements and market demand. At the same time, CloudDDoS has a professional technical team to provide users with Internet application infrastructure customized solutions, so that users of the technology no worries.


Since its inception, CloudDDoS has promised a 24-hour technical support service that is consistent, with a three-shift technology watchdog working seamlessly to provide users with 24-hour service, never neglecting it.

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