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Frankfurt Data Center

Frankfurt Data Center

The data center is located in Frankfurt, Frankfurt is Germany and even Europe's important business, financial services and transportation center, Frankfurt Stock Exchange is New York and London after the world's third largest exchange. Has the following characteristics:

The world's top line operator access, network coverage in Europe, Asia, North America, can access multiple lines, 1Gbps, 10Gbps, 100Gbps large bandwidth at any time to upgrade.

90 Kleyerstrasse, Frankfurt am Main 60326, Germany


  • Building Description

    290,625 sq ft


    Seismic&Flood Zone



    Power Capacity

    Dual 16A, 230V


    UPS Redundancy


  • Generator Redundancy



    Cooling Redundncy



    Fire & smoke detection system




    Floor Loading

    163 lbs/sq ft

  • Network

    500Gbps+ bandwidth

    Multi-Homed BGP network



    24x7 onsite security

    2-factor authentication with biometric access

    CCTV monitoring

    1Tbps+ DDoS protection


High-quality Infrastructure

Frankfurt data center for the international Tier3 level, the engine room bandwidth of more than 500Gbps, and the deployment of cluster hardware and software firewall defense system to ensure 24-hour power supply, providing dual UPS power supply to ensure sustained supply rate of 99.99%.

Customized Solutions

Frankfurt data center to provide server, power, IP, network card, PVLAN and other configuration upgrades, a wealth of network resources. Can be used for different user needs, to provide personalized customization services.

Professional Services

Frankfurt data center to ensure 24-hour power supply, professional data center operation and maintenance service team. Committed to providing customers with high customization, high-quality, low-latency Internet services, and real-time detailed network monitoring.

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