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Hong Kong Dedicated Server
Datacenter CPU RAM Hard Drive Bandwidth IP Price  
Hong Kong Intel Atom410 2GB 500GB SATA 5Mbps Dedicated 1IPs 46 USD/month
Hong Kong Intel I3 4GB 500GB SATA 5Mbps Dedicated 1IPs 92 USD/month
Hong Kong Intel Xeon E3-1230v2 8GB 1TB SATA 5Mbps Dedicated 2IPs 119 USD/month
Hong Kong Intel Dual Xeon E5-2620v2 32GB 1TB SATA 10Mbps Unmetered 2IPs 414 USD/month
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1. All servers of the Company prohibit gambling, child pornography, fraud, terrorists, violence, spam, piracy, port scanning, grab relevant content and broilers and other activities; prohibited from engaging in conduct that violates local law, users will bear all the responsibility;

2. Our strict confidentiality for all our dedicated server product, customers own regular backups of your data, in order to avoid irreparable damage.


One-stop Internet Solutions

Providing dedicated server rental, server hosting, customized industry solutions, LAN set up, load balancing, CDN Internet solutions.

Datacenter Distribution

Global datacenters located in North America, Asia, Europe, the establishment of BGP dynamic routing and HE, Cogent, PCCW, China Telecom and GTT.

Professional Service

With 10 years of experience in data center operation and maintenance management, provide 24/7 professional service.

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