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Financal Solutions

Crowdfunding, P2P, third party payment as the representative of the power of the Internet financial innovation is to subvert the traditional financial format, the depth of integration of mobile Internet technology and finance are to reconstruct the new financial industry value chain, while the Internet for financial healthy development is still facing some problems and risks. To encourage financial innovation and the Internet at the same time, effectively guard against financial risks the Internet. CloudDDoS for Internet security problems facing the financial sector and the potential risks, a set of customized financial solutions for the Internet.

Media Solutions

The rapid development and popularization of Internet streaming media business development has provided a powerful impetus to the market, streaming services are becoming increasingly popular. Streaming media technology is widely used in multimedia news releases, online live aspects, online advertising, e-commerce, video on demand, remote education, telemedicine, Web radio, real-time video conferencing and other Internet information services. Depending on the application requirements CloudDDoS video / streaming media, streaming media industry tailored solutions.

Game Solutions

Games a huge market, more and more into the international game, go overseas, including the end of the tour, hand travel tours page. Overseas game market development shows overall stability and local growth. World's top ten selling games market: the United States, Australia and Canada ranked the top three industries. Gaming applications on the server I / O performance, network quality, load balancing and CDN deployment has a very high demand, CloudDDoS operation and maintenance experts for the game industry to create the most combat experience solutions.

E-commerce Solutions

According to incomplete statistics, cross-border e-commerce platform, enterprises have more than 5000, the territory through a variety of platforms to carry out cross-border e-commerce business of foreign trade companies have more than 200,000. Enterprises to establish a direct marketing channel for the international foreign buyers, reduce transaction costs, shorten the operating cycle. CloudDDoS focus on providing a detailed solution for overseas electricity supplier, electricity for businesses to provide the fastest, most reliable Internet-based application platform services.

DDoS Protection

All DDoS attack traffic that would otherwise directly hit your infrastructure is automatically routed to CloudDDoS's globally distributed DDoS filtering. CloudDDoS's Remote DDoS protection is used by businesses, hosting providers and internet service providers worldwide. Using GRE, BGP and Anycast technology, CloudDDoS can protect you internet resources, anywhere, without the need for migration.

One-stop Internet Solutions

Providing dedicated server rental, server hosting, customized industry solutions, LAN set up, load balancing, CDN Internet solutions.

Datacenter Distribution

Global datacenters located in North America, Asia, Europe, the establishment of BGP dynamic routing and HE, Cogent, PCCW, China Telecom and GTT.

Professional Service

With 10 years of experience in data center operation and maintenance management, provide 24/7 professional service.

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