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Financial Cloud is designed to provide one-stop Internet Data Center solutions for the Internet financial enterprises. To provide data center in line with industry requirements for the Internet financial enterprises, up to 500Gbps DDoS “three tier” network security, leasing server hardware, remote disaster recovery, 24/7 security adviser, etc. one-stop service.

Why Financial Cloud

If you have the following requirements, you should select CloudDDoS Internet financial solutions.

1You need to comply with industry-standard data center, such as: SOC1 Type2, SOC2 Type2, PCI DSS, etc.

2You need to comply with industry-standard security defense, multiple protection to ensure data security, against large-scale cyber attacks and application layer attacks.

3You will need to expand your business to the world, we have multiple data centers, which are located in the United States, Germany and Hong Kong

4You need high-quality network, our data center BGP connect multiple tier 1 carriers NTT, GTT, China Telecom, Cogent, HE, Telia and so on.

How Financial Cloud Works


Three tier network and data security


Three tier network and data security: will customize security solutions on network attacks, systems, applications.

1 Cloud DDoS Defense: DDoS traffic cleaning by multiple distributed data centers, it can handle up to 500Gbps all types of DDoS attacks, included TCP / UDP Flood, CC / Botnet / HTTP-Get, DNS / SNMP / NTP Amplification and so on.

2 Next-Generation Firewall: It can prevent exploits, viruses, malicious code, Trojans, spyware, malicious URLs.

3 Web Application Firewall: it can provide proactive protection for Web attacks, web tampering, SQL injection, password cracking, application code vulnerabilities, unknown vulnerabilities.

Financial Cloud Advantages

1High standards of data center, passed industry certification.

2High-standard security defenses against all kinds of attacks and vulnerabilities from 3-7 layers.

3Customized services, CloudDDoS will provide financial cloud services and processes according to your business.

4Provide 24x7 online Chinese and English service, on-site duty data center service.

5High-performance networks, servers, firewall monitoring and early warning systems to detect and deal with the risks and eliminate safety hazards.

One-stop Internet Solutions

Providing dedicated server rental, server hosting, customized industry solutions, LAN set up, load balancing, CDN Internet solutions.

Datacenter Distribution

Global datacenters located in North America, Asia, Europe, the establishment of BGP dynamic routing and HE, Cogent, PCCW, China Telecom and GTT.

Professional Service

With 10 years of experience in data center operation and maintenance management, provide 24/7 professional service.

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