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The rapid development of the Internet provides the power for the streaming media business development. Streaming media technology is widely used in multimedia news releases, online live aspects, online advertising, e-commerce, video on demand, remote education, telemedicine, Web radio, real-time video conferencing and other Internet information services.

Data traffic of streaming system is very large, it is a very high load requirements for concurrent VOD streams, therefore, a single server can not afford to load a large number of simultaneous data streams.


1 Streaming is a special network applications, it requires high-speed processing of concurrent video streams of data. I/O throughput of streaming media server system requirements are very strict.

2 Different from traditional data files, streaming media data transmission once started, must be transmitted at a steady rate to the client, in order to ensure its smooth playback.

3 With the development of business, the amount of data on the server to be processed is increasing, while the number of concurrent connections will be more and more.



1 We use load balancing technology, it will increase throughput, enhance network data processing capability, and increase network flexibility and availability.

2 Server's hard disk will be used enterprise-class SSD, it's faster read and write data.

3 The number of servers can increase flexibility, it will meet the requirements of business growth.

4 All Server set up defense DDoS, CC security policy to ensure the safe and stable.

5 We use CDN technology to improve data transmission speed.

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Providing dedicated server rental, server hosting, customized industry solutions, LAN set up, load balancing, CDN Internet solutions.

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Global datacenters located in North America, Asia, Europe, the establishment of BGP dynamic routing and HE, Cogent, PCCW, China Telecom and GTT.

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With 10 years of experience in data center operation and maintenance management, provide 24/7 professional service.

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