About Us


CloudDDoS, a subsidiary of Azure Technology LLC. With a focus on Managed Colocation, Dedicated Server, IP Transit, and Advanced DDoS Protection services, , we offer a range of resources that cover major economic and internet centers globally, enabling our customers to easily expand their business and IT infrastructure.

Our resources covered the major economic and internet center of the world, our customer can easily expand their business and IT infrastructure to the world. Following are our resources coverage:

  • Asia: Hong Kong, Singapore, and Tokyo
  • Europe: London, Amsterdam and Frankfurt&lt
  • North America: Washington, New York, Miami, Los Angeles and San Jose


DDoS protection is our key advantage, with 10+ year experiences on DDoS protection, we designed and builded cloud-based DDoS scrubbing platform, with over 2Tbps DDoS protection capability based on 11 global cloud-scrubbing centers, the attacks can be detected and mitigated closer to the origin, we protect customer network without performance impact.

We provide tailor-made solutions and flexiable plans, please feel free to Contact Us any time.

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