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CloudDDoS - Secured your hosting, focused on providing one-stop overseas Internet solutions, high-quality resources, localized sales support services, to expand overseas markets to provide the most effective protection.

Our products and services include: racks, server rental, high-bandwidth access, IP and broadcast lease, cloud servers, CDN.

Our Missions

Focused on providing a one-stop Internet solutions, so that more companies will be Internet business faster and more efficient global coverage.

Our Advantages

With multiple independent operating datacenter, providing the most direct and efficient products and services.

1 Datacenter Advantages

Datacenters located in North America, Asia, Europe, providing servers hosting, colocation, bandwidth, IP broadcasting, security and other services. Users can select datacenters, network, server configuration, etc. according to requ.

2 Network Advantages

Datacenter total port of up to 500Gbps, the establishment of a multi-line BGP network with HE, Cogent, PCCW, China Telecom and other top carriers, in addition to direct connection of China Telecom CN2 network, easily connect the Americas, Europe, Asia and other regions, and ensure access speed.

3 Price Advantages

Lots of datacenter resources, highly cost-effective price advantage, a variety of optional products and services, while supporting the expansion of the number of servers and upgrade at any server configuration, greatly reducing the cost to the user and server prices.

4 Service Advantages

With 10 years of experience datacenter operations, provide 24-hour online technology services, a number of experienced MCSE, RHCE, CCIE With 10 years of experience overseas data center operations, provide 7x24-hour online customer service consulting, technology services and hotline services in English, a number of experienced MCSE / RHCE / CCIE engineers on duty all day.

One-stop Internet Solutions

Providing dedicated server rental, server hosting, customized industry solutions, LAN set up, load balancing, CDN Internet solutions.

Datacenter Distribution

Global datacenters located in North America, Asia, Europe, the establishment of BGP dynamic routing and HE, Cogent, PCCW, China Telecom and GTT.

Professional Service

With 10 years of experience in data center operation and maintenance management, provide 24/7 professional service.

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