DDoS Protection
Global Scrubbing, Edge Mitigation

How can I get the DDoS Protection?


CloudDDoS cloud-scrubbing platform covered major internet hub in the world. Our platform will detect attacks in seconds and mitigate the attack on the closest data center, minimize the performance impact to normal traffic.


  • 11 Mitigation Centers
  • Over 2Tbps Capacity
  • Asia Optimized (Hong Kong, Japan)
  • Stop all kinds of attacks: TCP/UDP flood, Bot-net, Amplification and more.
  • Custom protection rules for every single customer
  • Deploy in few hours

Which DDoS protection solution should I choose?

  • Usage Scenario
  • Ease of Setup
  • Anti-DDoS Features
  • Application Supported

Protected Server

  • Hosting Content
  • Medium, initial OS & app setup
  • Full Features
  • Any Apps

Protected Tunnel

  • Protect Existing Network
  • Medium, tunnel & BGP setup
  • Full Features
  • Any Apps

Protected CDN

  • Protect Website/VOD/Streaming
  • Easy, DNS record change
  • Full Features
  • Website, VOD, Streaming